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Built a Foundation For a New Brand

With Panda Contracting, we build a brand from the ground up enabling them to stand out from the crowd in the contracting world.

Branding Designed of Success

Scope of work included: brand identity design, logo design, branding guidelines, and sales enablement collateral.
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Made Their Brand Live Across All Mediums

HFA wanted their brand to live everywhere. We ensured their brand was at the forefront of each project.

Let Your Brand Speak For Itself

Scope of work included: photography, copy writing, design and production.
VIew Project

Made Them Memorable After The Handshake

NGR needed a way to stand out in the real estate world. We ensured that their brand and business remained memorable after their conversion with prospects

Ensure Your Brand Is Remembered

Scope of work included: logo design, collateral design, copywriting, and production.
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Are You Ready to Tell The World You're a
Rock Star

You’re probably getting a little tired with the music analogies just about now. At The Marketing Company, we are focused on putting the client first. We take the time to understand them, their business, and their marketing and advertising goals. With each project, we start with a blank canvas and build from there. As a result, we are able to craft projects that goal driven and will achieve results. If you have a marketing or advertising project on your mind, no matter what size, we would love to hear from you. We are just a simple hello away. 

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