Be Memorable After the Handshake

Scope of Work: Copywriting, Branding, Design, & Production

The Ask

The Real Estate industry is probably one of the most crowded sales intensive fields. It’s an environment with established agents who have a billboard on every corner and young sales hungry agents who are looking to make their mark. When our client approached us, their ask was simple, they wanted to be memorable and enabled for sales success in the Hamilton community.

The Process

We began with working on our client’s logo. Looking at the real estate industry, we saw that logos ranged from elaborate designs that let’s be honest look more like a high end fashion line to big blocky and outdated fonts. As a result, we focused on creating something memorable, sleek, clean, and modern. Furthermore, we wanted to make the logo simple in order to easily showcase that our client works in the real estate industry. 

Our client prides themselves on building relationships and using personal selling . Our goal was to create sales collateral that was modern and sleek. Furthermore, we wanted to break away from the overused, tacky, and cliche head shot and guaranteed sold under 30 days info brochures. As a result, we focused on using bold fonts, clean design, and simple messaging.  

The Results

The new logo allows our client’s brand to live everywhere. Its simple and concise design will allow it to live across all mediums. It can easily live on everything from stationary to lawn signs. Its simplicity enables our client for sales and branding success down the road. 

The sales collateral lets our client stay memorable after the handshake. The postcard has bold design and simple messaging that clearly showcases our client’s value proposition. In addition, we included a tear away business card. Therefore, you can keep his contact info without the clutter. As a result, our client is set up to generate leads, close deals, and branding success moving forward. 

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