Become a Social Media Superhero

Have an Always Online Social Media Presence and Grow Your Audience

This is unheard of, a marketing and advertising agency giving away free tools to help you succeed! Social Media is always changing, blink and the platforms you’re already familiar with are different.  New features, algorithm updates, and changing audience expectations are just some of the things that are in flux. These guides aren’t your average top 5 things you should be doing blog posts. We took the time to sit down and chat with small businesses to get an understanding of what they are struggling with when it comes to championing major social media channels.  

As a result, these guides will enable you and your team ready to put the social back in social media. Each guide is loaded with activities that you  can work through together.  You already have killer content,  know your audience, and you speak to them on a human level with your regularly scheduled content. Now it’s time to get social and focus on authentically building your tribe. These guides will get you ready to effectively: 

      • Interact with your followers.
      • Reach out to your target audience.
      • Build your audience organically and authentically.
      • Post relevant content on the fly outside of your already scheduled feed.
      • Answer any incoming  questions or concerns and offer great customer service.
      • Create value for your product/brand beyond your product and service offerings.
      • Give your audience the feeling that your social media has an always online presence.

Winning On Instagram

Winning on Instagram involves more than just a pretty picture and using a few popular hashtags. It’s being proactive and reaching out to your audience. In addition, it’s about giving your audience a chance to get involved with your business and manage relationships with them. Discover how you can establish an always online presence by leveraging Instagram’s unique features to their full potential. 

Winning on Facebook

Winning on Facebook is more than just status updates about flash sales. It’s about offering your audience an opportunity to connect with your brand. Be it through allowing them to leave reviews, tune in to a live stream, or directly message you with questions and concerns. Discover how you can have an always on presence and build your community on the social media platform that started it all. 


Winning on Twitter

Winning on Twitter is more than just tweeting everything you do all day. That might work for some, but let’s get serious, we aren’t all big personalities and lets face the facts, nobody cares.  Twitter is about connecting with your customers, influencers in your industry, and even your suppliers. Basically, it’s about managing relationships, offering support and having genuine conversations. This guide will let anyone on your team be an active community manager and enable them to have a simple conversation. 


You Might Be Looking For More Than Just a How To Guide

These guides are designed to help you elevate your existing social media strategy. Curious to see if your current social media strategy is working or need to revamp your existing one? Or perhaps you’re looking to take your social media marketing to a new level though launching ads or boosting your content. Give us a shout and we’ll be more than happy to chat with you. After all, we still are a marketing and advertising agency. 

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