Crafting a Brand Extension That Stands On It's Own

Scope of Work: Brand Development, Videography, Program Development, Web Design, E-Commerce Integration

The Ask

A long-time client of The Marketing Company, Viality Health and Wellness’s Own Valter Feleja wanted to help his clients in their lives further. With Valter’s new endeavor into life coaching, it was our pleasure to have the opportunity to build out his online ppresence for his program.

The Process

We reviewed and assisted in the develop of the content for the program. It was time to create the look and feel of this program. We initially started with developing the name of the program. We wanted to keep a strong connection to Vitality Health and Wellness’s identity because it is the reason of this new extension of his business. We felt “Mind Body & Soul” was very fitting for this program. It truly encompassed not only the foundation of the program, but how Valter desires to impact a persons life.

Keeping consistency with Vitality’s branding, we created something that can stand on its own but creates familiarity with the Vitality brand. Putting a spin on the “Spiral Triskele,” a Celtic symbol for land sea and sky was the perfect connection to Mind Body & Soul. The relationship of 3’s: 3 components of the world. The mind, body and soul being three components that make a human body.

Once the brand was in place, the nest steps were to create the platform of the program. We crafted and produced every single video chapter, allĀ  slides, informative sheets, surveys and quizzes for this program. When creating, every aspect was crafted with a student in mind. Making the program simple for the user and providing them with the feeling of accomplishment for every module they complete.

Once everything was created, we put the finishing touches on the project and built the web component. When building the we platform, we wanted to make sure it embodied the brand and commitment Valter has for his clients.

The Results

All full comprehensive brand that is an extensions of a company, but also stands on its own. With this brand, we were able to devlop a complete educational program that keeps the student experience in mind. From all aspects of the program to the web platform it lives on, was crafted to embody Valter’s sincere desire in helping others achieve happiness.

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