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Creative  Strategic Digital Tailored marketing and advertising solutions for your business

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We take the time to uncover the underlying truths behind your business. As a result, we are able to craft tailored marketing and advertising solutions that will help your business scale.



No matter what medium, whether it's print or digital, we ensure that any design project lives and breaths your brand. From full out branding projects to print and digital collateral we can do it all.



Today's digital landscape changes daily. We are able to create digital marketing solutions that are cutting edge, stand out, and deliver results you can measure.

Our Process at The Marketing Company


At The Marketing Company, or simply TMC for short, we take the time to understand your burning passion for your business. We go beneath the surface to get a sense of where you have come from, how it lead you to your business, and its success. Discovering the underlying truths of your business while at the same time sharing a few laughs is something we take pride in. We believe that a personal and human touch is necessary in developing  relationships with our clients. It enables us to dig deeper and craft the right marketing and advertising solutions for your business. 


Using what we have learned, our creative process begins by ensuing our tender loving care you and your business deserves goes into everything we provide. From creative, web design, and strategy we make sure that your brand is at the forefront and the end product embodies everything you and your business are about. We make sure you are part of our creative process by giving you updates along the way.  We take your feedback to heart to ensure the final product delivers results. 

Flip the Switch

Putting everything together and making it live in the world is a wonderful thing. Whether it’s a website, print collateral, or a social media campaign, everything we create is done with purpose and strategy to ensure your brand is brought to life. At The Marketing Company, our goal isn’t to be just another marketing and advertising agency, we want to be your marketing and advertising agency.  

We Enable Brands to Champion Their Marketing and Advertising


Built a Foundation For a New Brand

With Panda Contracting, we build a brand from the ground up enabling them to stand out from the crowd in the contracting world.

Branding Designed of Success

Scope of work included: brand identity design, logo design, branding guidelines, and sales enablement collateral.
VIew Project

Crafted An Online Program to Achieve the Life You Desire

Vitality Health & Wellness was looking to build an online coaching program. We crafted everything from the branding to the program elements and more!

Crafting a Brand Extension That Stands On It's Own​

Scope of Work: Brand Development, Videography, Program Development, Web Design, E-Commerce Integration​
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Made Their Brand Live Across All Mediums

HFA wanted their brand to live everywhere. We ensured their brand was at the forefront of each project.

Let Your Brand Speak For Itself

Scope of work included: photography, copy writing, design and production.
VIew Project

A Branded Catalogue

Pup & Pony Co. was looking for a fresh look on their 2020 wholesale catalog. We ensured that their brand lives throughout the whole catalog.

A Catalogue Crafted For The Love Of The Animals

Scope of Work: Catalogue Layout and Design
VIew Project

Creating the "DAMN' GOOD FOOD" Atmosphere​

Randy and Sue Gallant, the owners of Curbside Grill, sought help to modernize their brand that matched their restaurant.

Damn' Good Food

Scope of Work: Photography, Social Media Advertising, Logo Design, Web Design​
VIew Project

Made Them Memorable After The Handshake

NGR needed a way to stand out in the real estate world. We ensured that their brand and business remained memorable after their conversion with prospects

Ensure Your Brand Is Remembered

Scope of work included: logo design, collateral design, copywriting, and production.
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The Latest in Marketing and Advertising

The marketing and advertising world is always in flux. Blink and you might miss Facebook’s latest algorithm update. Luckily for you we always have our finger on the pulse. As a result, we started this blog with the mission of keeping you informed and educated. Our internally curated blog is written with industry insider knowledge. However, we strip away industry jargon in order to make it accessible for everyone. We hope that our blog will leave you with some useful food for thought that you can put to good use. 

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