Make Your Brand Live With Purposeful Design

Scope of Work: Copywriting, Photography, Design, & Production

The Ask

As a facility that offers personal training services, the Hamilton Fitness Academy wanted to position themselves in a unique way. Their value prop is that they are more than just trainers, they are coaches. As a result, many of their staff are experienced in counselling and life coaching. Their ask was to be able to showcase their brand in the Hamilton community. Furthermore, they wanted to show that their services can improve your quality of life. In addition, their ask was to incorporate modern design with classic storytelling. 

The Process

We took into consideration the current HFA marketing and sales strategy. Right now it’s centered around capitalizing on foot traffic and boot camp pop-ups. We took this back to the drawing board and designed collateral that would allow them to showcase their value proposition. We started by developing a slogan that brings their services and expertise full circle. 

When crafting their slogan, we looked at what factors prevent people from achieving their fitness goals. As a result, we came to the conclusion most people don’t achieve their goals because they fail. They fail to stick to a proper nutrition plan, they fail to give it 110% every time they are in the gym, and they fail to stay motivated. The staff at the Hamilton Fitness Academy are dedicated to ensure their clients do not fail. Once we had the slogan, “Removing failure from our vocabulary” our creative process continued. Our design and copy writing was focused on highlighting how they live and breathe their brand.

The Results

The end result was a new slogan and collateral that allows the HFA brand live. Their sales collateral is designed to be portable and attention grabbing.  These marketing tools can be taken with them when they are out and about in the Hamilton community. The services guide has a bio about each fitness coach, services offered, and pricing. In addition, with the bios we decided to highlight what makes each trainer unique.  Therefore, making it easy for people to find the right trainer for their wellness goals which will set the on a journey to remove failure from their vocabulary. 

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