No matter how great your SEO strategy is, Google AdWords results will always show up ahead of your organic rankings. Google and other digital platforms are now pay to play since it has become a huge revenue stream for them. Ensuring that your AdWords campaign is properly set up and managed is essential in making your website competitive. As a result, a properly set up campaign won’t drain your marketing budget and will drive the appropriate traffic for your site. Google has become a staple in our tech driven lives. It holds the answers to all of life’s questions and mysteries. Without getting too deep into the nitty-gritty of AdWords, here are 5 common mistakes that have a negative impact on campaign success. Avoiding these will ensure your ads deliver results next time someone decides to Google it. 



Not Doing Proper Keyword Research

More often than not, individuals select keywords that they believe people are searching in relation to their website. As a result, they might be missing out on a large number of keywords. If you’re curious as to what people are searching for when your website ranks, check out the Google Search Console. Furthermore, it’s essential to keep your keyword list concise per campaign. Focus on building a list of 10 – 15 keywords and using their variants: broad match modifier ( + ), phrase match ( “” ) and exact match ( [] ). If you’re looking for a little help with your keyword research, tools like SEM Rush are extremely helpful.

Directing People to the Homepage

We get it, you love your homepage, it’s clean, concise and informative. However, when it comes to AdWords, using landing pages or directing people directly to product pages is crucial for campaign success. This ensures that your target audience gets to whatever they are searching for with just one click. Therefore, they do not need to click through countless pages to get to what they were looking for in the first place. If you’re running a lead generation strategy centered around content, tools like Unbounce let you build landing pages on the fly. Furthermore, the use of landing pages allows you to create campaign-specific pages loaded with relevant keywords. This ensures that you have a lower cost per click and have defined CTAs.

Not Using Ad Extensions

Even the most well-written ads could use some support. Ad extensions allow you to add relevant information to your AdWords campaigns. You can add things such as contact phone numbers, direct links to brochures, reviews, and even product extensions if you’re running an e-commerce shop. These extensions add value to the limited visual real estate you have on Google. In addition, they add more relevance to your ads and have a positive impact on your click and conversion rates.  

Not Using Negative Keywords

Negative keywords ensure your ads to do not show up when people are searching for things not related to your product or services. For example, if you’re selling Batman toys, using comics as a negative keyword will guarantee your ads are not shown when someone searches for Batman comics. The use of negative keywords ensures the right audience sees and clicks on your ads. As a result, your campaigns will experience stronger click-through and conversion rates.

Set It and Forget It

This is by far the number one mistake that individuals make when it comes to AdWords. Google changes daily, new websites, new popular search terms, and new ads are added. With that, you should be performing maintenance on a regular basis. AdWords allows you to make adjustments on the fly without having to stop or reset your campaigns. As a result, you can add a new callout extension, negative keyword or even add a few keywords that you may have been missing out on. This ensures that your campaign performs ideally during its entire run. The best part, this type of maintenance doesn’t take long, 30 minutes 3 times a week is more than enough.

The Right Google AdWords Strategy

Done right, AdWords can be a huge driver of relevant traffic to your website. The caveat is that it requires constant monitoring and maintenance. It truly is one of those marketing tactics that requires constant testing and optimizing. Google has now become a tool that we use to search for everything. You need to ensure that your business and brand show up when someone is looking for the products or services that you offer. You won’t hit it out of the park with your first campaign, don’t get discouraged. Just remember, you can always have more clicks, more conversions, and a lower cost per click. 

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