Now more than ever, we are bombarded with ads on a daily basis. The low-cost entry point for digital marketing has increased the number of advertisers and ads. We love digital marketing, but there are a lot of bad ads that clutter platforms people use every day. Now more than ever, it’s important to focus on creating experiences, generate attention, and have conversation worthy marketing content. Guerrilla Marketing enables you to break free from marketing norms, connect with your audience, engage on a human level, and create something memorable. Discover how these Guerrilla Marketing tactics thrown into your current mix can supercharge your brand:



This is probably the most common form of Guerrilla Marketing. Pop-ups are short-term locations where brands often sell products. These are great for launching new product lines. They are heavily used by fashion and cosmetic brands. Pop-ups often focus on creating experiences by offering exclusive products and presales for the brand’s biggest devotees. In addition, pop-ups are also a great way to allow potential customers to “test drive” a product. Be sure to focus on relationship nourishment post the event. Keep all leads you collected engaged, a simple thank you email to all your visitors is a great way to start.

Branded Stickers

Stickers are a great way to turn your customers into brand ambassadors. People love brands, but let’s face it, they can’t wear their Thrasher Magazine shirt to their next client meeting. Just take a look at anyone’s laptop who works in the tech industry. Chances are it’s loaded with stickers from the who’s who of the tech world. The best part, stickers are really cost effective. Sites like Sticker Mule make it easy for you to get high-quality stickers for your brand. Furthermore, they can be used as an up sell on all orders. Offer customers the ability to add a sticker for a dollar. In addition, you can also use them as a surprise and delight and include a couple with every order. Soon you’ll see your brand on laptops at local coffee shops everywhere!

Have a Street Team

Sometimes you have to hit the streets and spread the good news. Street teams are a great way to evangelize your brand and have meaningful one on one conversations. Successful street teams go above and beyond just handing out pamphlets. Good street team campaigns are centered around creating a mini event centered around their presence. As a result, people passing by will want to actively engage and converse. When planning your street team strategy, ask yourself how your crew can show the world they live your brand. Furthermore, consider how you can use this strategy to create a sense of myth and awe at an almost religious scale behind your brand.

Bring Your Advertising to Life

The world is your canvas, don’t be afraid to make your brand live in it. Large urban centers like Toronto, Chicago, and New York are great places to capitalize on large volumes of foot traffic. Bring your advertising to life by making it live in the real world. Instead of a billboard, consider leaving something tangible in a public space. Not only will people pause and look at it, but chances are also they will share it on their social media channels. Consider how many times you’ve Snapchatted something interesting you have seen throughout your day. Check out this campaign by Bounty to get a look at a brand bringing their advertising to life.

Do Something Controversial

As long as you don’t break the law obviously! The key is operating in the grey area of things and get creative. Your goal is to spark a conversation or trigger that aha moment. Look at your brand values and then consider how you can challenge the status quo. Chances are if you pull it off you’ll also get some free publicity from media outlets. Furthermore, if you need some inspiration, check out this stunt Domino’s pulled fixing potholes to ensure that your pizza is safe during delivery. Obviously, the majority of you reading this do not have a Domino’s sized marketing budgets, so take this example as a source of inspiration.

Guerrilla Marketing Leaves a Lasting Impression

As you can see, this type of marketing is all about doing something different and thinking about the box. However, most Guerrilla Marketing tactics are not scalable. Let’s face it, you’re not going to be opening constant pop-up shops for every product launch. If you’re doing something in the public eye, make sure to capture the moment via photos and videos. This makes the experience livable beyond the event. Furthermore, do not be afraid to start small. Offering branded content like stickers is a great way to get your feet wet with Guerrilla Marketing. Finally, as always, remember, this shouldn’t be your all in marketing strategy, but an addition to your ongoing marketing mix. 

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