In today’s digital age, no matter what your business is, you’re expected to have a website. A website makes it easy for people to find your business online and discover more about it. Your website needs to be able to inform as well as sell. Furthermore, a great website is more than just well-written copy and visually stimulating photography. Let’s discover what turns a good website to a great website.



Mobile Responsive Design

Not only are we living in a digital age, but we are also in a mobile-first era. With the majority of cellular devices on the market being smartphones, individuals have access to the internet right in their pockets. Therefore, your website can be accessed by a simple Google search anytime. Responsive design allows your website to be optimized for users who are using mobile browsers. Due to the reduction in screen size and pixels, the website needs to be compressed in a way that is visually appealing. But if you’re not a developer, don’t fret, Shopify and WordPress both offer themes that are mobile responsive right from the get-go.

Optimized for Speed

“If you’re not first you’re last” – Ricky Bobby. With information being that much more accessible, and internet speeds faster than ever, ensuring your site loads fast is essential. If your site does not load fast, people will leave out of frustration. As a result, if you’re an e-commerce store, every visitor that drops off is a potential sale that you just lost. Google has speed tests that you can run to see how your website is performing. If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to speed up your site, start by compressing its images.

Easy Navigation and Clear CTAs.

Great websites are easy to navigate and have clear call to actions. Make it easy for your audience to find whatever they are looking for and ensure they don’t get lost on your site. Once there, give them a clear call to action that you want them to take. That could range from anything from contacting you or completing a purchase. Simple ways to ensure users don’t get lost is using sticky menus that scroll with the user and footers at the bottom of every page.

Make It Easy to Say Hello

Offering a real-time solution for people to get in contact with you gives them an opportunity to get their questions answered ASAP. Furthermore, this helps you establish a sense of trust and great customer service with your audience even before their purchase. You just have to ensure that you’re online and ready to respond. With the use of chatbots like Drift, this process is simplified. These chatbots allow you to set up auto-responses that assure the user their message has been received even if it’s 2 a.m. Furthermore, messages are sent straight to your phone or messenger apps like Slack. Therefore, making it easy to respond from anywhere at any time.

Design With Purpose

When designing your website, you need to ensure that everything on your site serves a purpose. When adding photos, consider if the photo is really needed. This principle also applies to your copy, keep it concise, to the point and avoid repetition. You have very limited real estate to use in order to capture a user’s attention. Also don’t be afraid to play around with negative space in order to make everything flow visually. Therefore, try multiple designs for a web page by playing around with the layout. Once you have your mockups, show them to several people and get their opinions. As a result, you’ll have enough data that will allow you to create a UX friendly website.

Crafting the Perfect Website

These are just several elements that you should consider when evaluating your website. Remember, users, want to easily access what they are looking for with as few steps as possible. Furthermore, a lot of what was mentioned above has an impact on SEO and website rankings. Google prefers websites that are fast and responsive. A fast and responsive website will have a lower bounce rate, which tells Google that your page has relevant information in relation to the search terms that were used. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you have a simple info site or an e-commerce shop, these principles will set you up for success. However, if you’re also looking to supercharge your e-commerce site, check out some of our tips and tricks.

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