You’re probably tired of going on social media and seeing ads for products everywhere. Not just any ads, but boring standard product image ads that are not creative. These ads frustrate you since you somehow have to promote your products in a way that cuts through the noise. You could spend several thousands of additional dollars on social media ads, or you eat the cost of your product and get it into the hands of your desired audience. The last option builds social proof of your product and generates content which you can then repurpose. Let’s explore how you can launch a successful influencer campaign. 

An influencer is someone who has a strong repertoire in a specific community. They can be classified into two types, regular influencers and micro influencers. Regular influencers might ask for a fee to post about your product, more often than not, they already have a set policy. Think back to when you’re watching your favourite Youtuber and they randomly start talking about a product. They are an influencer who has been approached to promote a product or brand. However, micro influencers are everyday people who run a social media page about a specific topic. They usually have under 10k followers and for the most part will post your product just for a free sample. Tools like Social Peeks help you identify micro influencers. Let’s discover several things you can do to run a successful influencer campaign.




Clearly Define Your Marketing KPIs

Ask yourself, what is the goal of your campaign? Are you looking to boost engagement with a specific hashtag, create large amounts of user-generated content, or see an increase in sales? These can be measured through the use of Google Analytics and native reporting metrics in most social media platforms. In addition, remember that the Instagram platform does not let users use specific URLs in their posts. So tracking direct clicks might be a challenge. When you’re drawing up your strategy, it’s important to take things like that into consideration. Furthermore, your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) ensure that your strategy is crafted in a way that the end result delivers the results you want.

Outline Guidelines But Encourage Creative Freedom

In order for the campaign to be a success, the influencer’s post needs to be reflective and aligned with your brand. Consider the style of the photo, caption copy, what call to actions need to be included, and depending on the platform, what hashtags need to be used. This ensures that all posts reflect messaging that is in line with your brand. Try to avoid having a copy and paste script, as people will catch on. Always allow your influencers to have some range of creative freedom. You want the post to “fit in” with the influencer’s current content.

Research to Ensure You Have the Right Influencers

This process can be lengthy. Influencers you choose to work with need to be aligned with your brand. But more importantly, you need to gauge their account activity and look beyond their follower base. An account that has 20k followers, might only be getting 200 likes per post vs an account with 5K getting 300 likes. These statistics are important since they will help you determine possible interactions and impressions of your overall campaign. Also, be sure to consider what hashtags they use as they might be using engagement bait tags. Remember, most people still gage social media success just by the number of likes their posts get.  

Connect With Your Potential Influencer in a Human Way

We get it, you don’t want to waste time and get your campaign up and running ASAP. You might be tempted to craft a simple copy and paste reach out message and slide into your potential influencer’s DMs. People don’t like getting spam messages and most people can tell a copy and paste message/email vs an organically crafted one. Get your potential influencer hyped about working with you by building a relationship with them. See an account that would make a great influencer, follow them and engage with their posts. But make it meaningful and don’t spam like them immediately, focus on nurturing the relationship while your influencer campaign research and planning continues.

Don’t Stop Your Current Marketing Efforts

Influencer campaigns are meant to be an addition to your existing marketing mix. If you’re running ads on social media and on various search engines, then keep doing that. It’s important to keep doing what is already working. These campaigns take a lot of time to execute. Before the campaign is up and running, you have to find your potential influencers, reach out, get them on board, and send them the product and wait for them to post. Finally, you should be gathering data from all your marketing efforts and contrasting it via your influencer campaign to see what channels and methods are optimal for your business.


Crafting The Right Influencer Campaign Strategy

The right strategy and campaign is all contingent on your business. You have to be able to determine if regular influencers vs micro are the right choice. In addition, you have to outline your campaign goals right of the bat. Consider yourself a ladies swimwear company based in Canada come November. You’re getting ready to launch your 2019 line, and need content to promote and showcase your new products. Travelling to a tropical location and having a photoshoot is just not in your budget. Launching an influencer campaign based on geographical location would allow you to create content that you can use. Furthermore, you would be building hype about your new line before you even run any promotions on your channels. As you can see, influencer marketing has numerous benefits beyond just product exposure to new networks. 

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