My name is Peter, the creative half of The Marketing Company. So far in my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside many influential people in Hamilton, Ontario. Being a creative in the advertising world is something I’m forever grateful for. Looking back, I never thought I would end up doing this as a career.

Your Past Shapes Your Future

A few weekends ago, my mother was doing some spring cleaning and she came across my old report cards from grade 2 and 3. I did what anyone else would of and read the comments that the teachers who influenced me said about little Pete. I was amazed at how some of these comments hold true today. What caught my eye  first were the comments under physical education and the praise I got about being able to adapt to multiple types of physical activity. That wasn’t really a surprise for me, I always had a love for sports. In high school, I was involved with the football program for 5 years. Even to this day, I am involved with football through coaching in the community. The comments that really surprised me were the ones that I saw under visual arts.

Others Will Try to Shape Your Path

I was always the sports guy growing up and loved physical activity, but I always had an itch to create. The comments read, “Peter takes pride in his work and loves to create. He understands the fundamentals of design and colours. He is encouraged to continue to express his creativity.” Reading that comment put a smile on my face. As a creative, I love what I do now. In high school, I enjoyed and excelled at all of my creative classes even though they were trades based. However, at that time in my life, I was told to go into trades.

Due to my athleticism and size, I was physically built for the skilled trades industry. As a result, everyone would tell me I had the body for it. With heavy encouragement from my parents, I was pushing for a career in trades, there wasn’t a specific trade, just a trade.  After many failed attempts I put down the measuring tape and decided to go back to school.

Stay True Your 10 Year Old Self

I told myself I was going to do whatever it takes until I found something I was passionate about. That’s when I found the Advertising and Marketing Communications program at Mohawk College. I sat down with the program coordinator, what he had to say really intrigued me. Our conversation gave me the courage to enroll in the program. Once I started in the fall of 2013, I fell in love with the creative and advertising world. I was learning everything from strategy, conceptualizing, design, layout, and typography. I found joy in every step of the creative process, as a result, I knew I discovered something that would make little Pete happy.

What’s crazy about my current career is I am in a skilled trade in a way. In high school I enjoyed and excelled in the very few creative classes that I took, now I get to be creative and express myself every day. Not many people can say that they love what they do, but I can. It humbles me and gives me a sense of pride to know that what I’m doing today is something that others saw I had potential for. In conclusion, if there’s one thing I hope your takeaway from reading this is it’s you have really chase what you really want, even if it scares you.

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